Learn about SmartLabels Features

Check out all the cool features offered in the SmartLabels app

Included with Free Year

  • Multiple Images on Items

    Want multiple images of your containers or items? Just swipe left on the image and add as many as you like!

  • Image Editing

    Didn't take that picture quite right? No problem. You can crop and rotate you photos so you capture exactly what you want.

Included with Esentials plan

The Essentials plan includes everything from the Free Year plus these great features.

  • Exportable PDF

    Don't have internet somewhere or just want a backup copy of your stuff? Export a printable PDF to your email.

  • Advanced Sort & Filtering

    View your labels how you want to view them! Select from a variety of options to sort and filter your labels.

Included with Professional plan

The Professional plan includes everything from the Free Year and Essentials plan plus these great features.

  • Unlimited Label Use

    Want to use more than 48 labels in the app? Great! Get your organization on with no limit on the number of labels used.

  • Exportable CSV/Spreadsheet

    Get a breakdown of your stuff when you export your inventory to a PDF & a spreadsheet CSV file.

  • Inventory Count on Items

    Easily add and subtract the quantity of items in a container so you can better keep track of your inventory.

  • Expiration Dates & Custom Reminders

    Track your perishable items with expiration dates. Set up custom reminders so you'll know when to replace your items.