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SmartLabels qr code labels for storage and organization

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Check out these video reviews showing how SmartLabels QR code labels can be used for moving, storage and general organizing!

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What are SmartLabels?

Organizing just got fun.

SmartLabels was created for the organizer in you. Catalog all of your items going into your boxes, totes or other storage containers and know where everything is at any time. Just search for whatever you have in storage and the Smart Labels app tells you where you put the box, which color sticker you used and the ID to look for on the sticker! You'll never have to go box diving again to find that thing you haven't needed in a year. SmartLabels makes organization easy and fun.

FREE Shipping On All Orders!

  • Label your container

    Buy your SmartLabels online. Put a sticker on your container.

  • Scan the SmartLabel

    Use the SmartLabels app to scan the QR code on your sticker label.

  • Find your stuff

    SmartLabels tells you where all your stuff is when you search in the app.