Refunds and Returns

How SmartLabels processes refunds and returns

SmartLabels uses Amazon's fulfilment centers to process orders, returns and refunds.


You're eligible for reimbursements on your orders if we determine that they have been lost or damaged. You have up to 90 days after the promised delivery date to submit your claim for any lost or damaged items on your orders.

How we calculate reimbursement value

If we determine that your reimbursement claim is valid, we’ll reimburse you with a corresponding number of units of the same SKU, or credit your account with a cash reimbursement for the units.

For any cash reimbursements, we will determine an estimated proceeds of sale. This amount is the estimated sale price of the item for which you’re being reimbursed.

Lost orders

If your order isn’t delivered within 7 days after the promised delivery date or estimated delivery date, you can claim a lost reimbursement. Orders that are marked as delivered by the carrier aren’t eligible for reimbursement.

Damaged, wrong, or missing items

If any items in your order are wrong, missing, or damaged in transit, you can file for reimbursement. To receive a reimbursement, you must provide photographic proof of the damaged item, wrong item, or missing items in the package.

When you submit a reimbursement claim for an order that contains damaged, wrong, or missing items, you must provide all five of the following:

Order IDs, product name, and quantities of each affected item

Proof of the order as well as your name and address.

Images of the shipping box or envelope and all shipping labels

The following information, depending on the issue:

For damaged items

  • A description of the damage
  • Images of the whole item, including clear images of the UPC
  • Images of the damage described

For wrong items

A description of the difference

Images of the incorrectly received item showing the UPC and the described difference

  • For missing items
  • Images of the inside of the shipping box or envelope showing the received items, if one unit of multiple units that were shipped in the package is missing
  • Images of the empty shipping box, if only one item was shipped in the box
  • Images of empty product packaging, if a product box was received without one or more of the internal contents


Items can be returned to our Amazon fulfillment centers. You can choose to return items to fulfillment centers, or follow your existing returns process.

Ship returns to Amazon. Please reach out to to initiate the return process.

We will provide a return merchandise authorization form. The form contains the following two sections:

  • Return mailing label: A label that contains the address of the fulfillment center that will be receiving and processing the return. Please affix the label on their return package. Note: Postage is not provided on the return mailing letter. You are responsible for purchasing and producing the return label.
  • Return authorization slip: A form that contains a barcode and item description for the products being returned. The slip must be included inside the return package alongside the items.

It may take up to 14 days to process the return.